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  • The monumental building of Greenchoice in Rotterdam is equiped with a Dry to Cool installation.

    Especially the top floor of the building suffered from a much too warm indoor climate. This was caused by the location (the sun shines on the top floor the whole day through) and the high internal heat load from the callcenter located on the top floor.

    Greenchoice searched for a sustainable climate system, that should not only be energy friendly, but would preferably not use any dangerous refrigerants. That is how they ended up with Dry to Cool.

  • A Dry to Cool installation supplies the top floor with cooling, ventilation and heat recovery for several years now. The installation runs satisfactory and Greenchoice is very happy with the installation. On the warmest of summer days, colleagues from other floors even go to the top floor, because there the indoor climate is most cool and comfortable.

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